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What coaching really is?

I would like to start answering this question the same way Michael Neill – one of the world most renown coaches – answered it. His lessons inspired me to write this article in the first place and some parts of what I say here are his direct quotes. They perfectly describe what needs to be […]

Acceptance demystified.

What is it about acceptance that so many people talk about? While some people believed acceptance is the essential step to bring about change in life, others are rightly confused about it while experiencing struggles which seemingly cannot be accepted. What acceptance really refers to and why is it a powerful transformational tool – when […]

Who are we trying to impress?

Human beings are not able to experience reality as it is. We can only experience it through our senses, in the mind. We experience our thinking about what we call reality. We experience a chemical mix occurring in our brain. What we experience is our own unique perception of reality. Who are we trying to […]